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About Us

Eshia Academy is an authorized Tekla training institute in Ahmedabad, providing Tekla-certified training in leading tools for structural and civil engineering students, professionals and enthusiasts.

We at Eshia Academy are determined to escalate the inner passion in our students to participate in the industry and be ahead of the crowd. Our thorough Tekla certified training programmes; enable them to achieve their goals and projects with greater results for the same efforts. The First Authorised Tekla Training Center in Gujarat and the only Tekla Training center in Ahmedabad, Eshia Academy has trained more than 100 working professionals.

We provide training in Tekla software and tools such as Tekla Structures, Tekla Structure Designer, Tekla Tedds and SketchUp Pro.

Key benefits

Trustworthy Content

Our content is Tekla certified and prepared with guidance from experienced industry professionals, so there is no chance of misdirection.

Real Time Sample Projects

In addition to theory classes and practical sessions, every student will undertake a guided project towards the end of the course. The course itself will consist of sample projects, managed in real time, to give the students a hands-on experience in applying whatever they learn in class in real life.

Qualified & Enthusiastic Trainers

Our team of experienced trainers are determined to give the students the best in-class learning experience to ensure understanding of important concepts and correct application in the actual industry.

Peridical Exam

We strongly believe in testing the concepts with extensive evaluations so that there is no room for error once the student graduates to applying the concepts in real life. The problems for the timely exams are formulated keeping in mind the ongoing necessities of the industry and giving students an opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

Organised Timing

With an organized and punctual weekly schedule, we aim to utilize the time with efficiency and respect the students’ time and efforts towards learning. Thus, a reliable timetable helps both the students, especially the working professionals, and us to remain organized and make the learning easier.

Extensive Practive Exercises

We believe that with practice comes excellence and encourage the students to follow the same. Our regular practice exercises help the students to reinforce the concepts learnt in class and mastering them for a seamless and successful execution in real life.


Mr. Adarsh was my BIM instructor/trainer. He is pro-active, confident and well organised with his work and has been an excellent mentor. He shared his valuable knowledge in BIM with great communication skills and has been interactive throughout the sessions. He has commendable leadership qualities and has always been passion driven towards BIM and strives to learn and explore new things. It was a privilege to have worked under him and I wish him all the best with his future endeavours.

Joshua Victor

Joshua Victor

Works at Shelf Drilling Mummbai