Excellence is a seminar series with discussions on a different topic each time. In a traditional seminar session, there are participants who cannot join in with the classical speaker-audience format and cannot interact with the speaker to benefit the most from the session. To avoid this and helping our participants to take the full benefit of each seminar, we limit the speaker to audience ratio, with around 5-6 participants per session. The speaker will share some information and ideas about the topic while the audience can interact with them. Even a participant can choose to be a speaker spontaneously if they feel they want to share some relevant ideas to the discussion. With a friendly and interactive environment, all the participants can get maximum advantage from the seminar and attain excellence in the topic.

Event 1

Read & Share

Read & Share is a traditional concept of getting together and discussing books, which is needed now more than ever in a technological age. The group meets once or twice month as per convenience and they share their experiences of a book they've read and its meaningful insights with others. To ensure comfort and ease in interaction, there will be only 5-6 persons at a time in a group. This helps in getting the most out of the experiences that we share with each other rather than becoming just another monotonous seminar session.

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Weekly workshops and seminars are conducted for the students, these workshops and seminars are open to all the students and organized to encourage the interest for learning and getting trained on the new concepts which are introduced into the industry. The students are allowed to participate as the presenter for the seminar. Like and follow our facebook page to know the upcoming titles for the seminars and register for them

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